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Personal Project

100 Days Challenge


Just get started. Everything will happen next.


Jan. 2019




In progress

Skills involved

Vector Illustration

Motion Design

Graphic design was what I have been scared of for a long time. But as soon as I made the goal of being a designer, I thought I should conquer it. I came across the 100 days challenge on Insta and thought it was something I could do to polish my skills.


It was not an impulse project. I have been thinking about it for almost a month before I post the first illustration.


I hesitated - 

  What do I do? Vector illustration? UI design? anything else?

  I didn't have any art background before.

  What if I cannot do it every day for 100 days?

  Will it be helpful? 



The 100-day journey started on Jan. 2019 and is still in progress. Check my up-to-date progress on my Instagram!



I gained much more than I originally expected.

Check out my medium blog - 

The power of the 100-day design challenge

How many times have you made a New Year resolution like picking up a new hobby or hitting the gym? And how long (or short, :P) have you stuck to it? I had the same apprehensions before starting the 100-day Design Challenge. But I made it.Here is my story.